Somali and Abyssinians are special cats! They have a character that you can understand best by just living with them.
My cats live free in my home with me. It is my choice not to keep too many cats as I like to  guarantee to each of them the attention they require. Consequently, the litters born in my Cattery will always be limited.
The litters are planned so that I can make a selection work that aims to improve the breed with primary attention to health, behaviour and their well-being.


                   Alice & Lavinia (photo W.Coccarelli)

Ch.TirnanOg Alice (Abyssinian blue) & Ch.TirnanOg Lavinia (Somali ruddy)



I’d like to thank Eleonora Ruggiero of TirnanOg Cattery, who helped me and gave me the possibility to know these wonderful cats which love playing both when they are kitten and when they are adult. I thank her for the confidence she gave me and for her precious advice.

My experience continues thanks to international collaborations. A special thanks to Anne Marit Helmersen of Villkattens Cattery (Norway) for her availability and constant advice. Thanks to Nataly Kuznetsova of Somalicana Cattery (Ukraine) and to Marjon Broek of Bahir Dar Cattery (Netherlands). The important breeding lines from Tilsim dan Cattery (Germany), for which I really have to thank Elke Broda, will help me a lot in my breeding work.


Health and Well-being

My cats live free together with me, in my house and grow up in a family contest. I take care of them and I always pay attention to their character, always sensible, sociable, lively and very tender and warm. But first of all I take care of their health. The cattery is negative for FELV and FIV. All my breeding cats are tester for blood group. Kittens’ parents are DNA tested for Pk-def (Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency) and for PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) at UCDavis Laboratory, situated in California (USA) or at Laboklin laboratory, situated in Germany. This means that matings are organised in such a way as not to transmit diseases.

Kittens do not leave the breeding before they are three months old and are supplied with a written contract, pedigree, microchip, health certificate and complete vaccinations. They grow up in a family contest and receive all the care necessary for a healthy growth. They have got a sensible and sociable character thanks to a correct socialization. 



All my breeding cats and kittens have the pedigree with legal value issued by an Association recognized by the Italian State.

Why demand the pedigree?
A cat can only be called "purebred cat" if accompanied by his pedigree. A pedigree costs few euro and guarantees that the kitten has grown with the Mom not only in compliance with the law, but, above all, in the respect of his psychological well-being and proper socialization.

The Cattery is recognized as "WOLAND" by WCF (World Cat Federation),  by FIFe (Fédération Internationale Féline) and by TICA (The International Cat Association).